I love to explore the interaction between paint and different textures of paper. Since I mainly work with acrylics, I have to be very fast before it dries and I have to put a lot of energy in my paintings. I love to play with the layers of paint, the interaction of colors, creating patterns, transparencies and depths, searching for the light. Water is very present in my paintings. It is just another tool like my brushes and pallet knives, removing layers, creating shapes that I will cover again with paint before washing it again, and again. My work is reminiscent of my travels all around the world. New patterns will appear and moments later, something will come up, a landscape, a city, a group of people, surprises, or not! That’s the magic and the mystery of my paintings. People can see and imagine whatever they want, like in poetry. I hope my paintings inspire people to dream or think of beauty.